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Since 1985, we have been supplying organizations, trainers, consultants, managers and employees with the highest quality organization development services, learning resources, computer, and web-based resources available. Our products and services have been developed by Human Resources and Systems experts. They were developed to meet specific needs identified to us by our clients and customers to help them become more effective. They are carefully tested, professionally packaged and delivered promptly whenever you need unique and creative business solutions.

We are confident you will appreciate our practical, measurement-based approaches in delivering services to you and the level of quality and professionalism in every product we sell.


Dr. Edward E. Hubbard
Chairman and Co-Founder
Dr. Edward E. Hubbard is a consultant and a highly respected speaker.

He is the founder of the Hubbard Business & Personal Development Institute (BPDI), the Hubbard Diversity Measurement and Productivity Institute, the Hubbard Diversity ROI Institute and is also author of more than 40 books including "The Hidden Side of Employee Resistance to Change", "Managing Organizational Change", "Managing Your Business for Profitable Results", "Internal Customer Care", and the groundbreaking books: "Measuring Diversity Results", "How to Calculate Diversity Return-on-Investment”, “Pathways to Diversity Metrics for Corporate Legal and Law Firms”, “The Diversity Scorecard”, “Implementing Diversity Measurement and Management”, "The Diversity Discipline", “Manager’s Pocket Guide to Diversity Management” and “Diversity Training ROI” .


Dr. Hubbard is known for his Organization Development and Analysis expertise and as pioneer of the Diversity measurement and Diversity ROI Analytics fields.  As a result of his extensive research in the area of diversity measurement and expertise in computer programming, he is one of the first to develop automated software technologies for measuring diversity return-on-investment and diverse workforce performance improvements.

You can contact Dr. Hubbard at


Myra Hubbard
Executive Vice-President and Co-Founder 
She has over 25 years of successful experience assisting executives, work groups, and organizations making changes in their operations and culture.She specializes in developing and delivering innovative diversity, management, communication, customer service, conflict resolution, team building and development, employee motivation, and diversity programs.  Her emphasis is on practical “how-to” approaches directly related to organizational goals and the empowerment of employees. Her consulting work with organizations in the U.S., Pacific Rim, Korea, Japan, Samoa, and other countries has proven invaluable to the work she performs. 

You can contact Myra at

Our Mission

Aligning Organizational and Human Resources for Strategic Business Performance and ROI.

Company Profile

Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc., headquartered in Petaluma, California, is a privately owned, International Organization and Human Performance Consulting corporation. Our sole business is to assist private and public organizations to strategically manage their human and other resources to obtain maximum performance and measurable results to meet their business plan objectives.  Our researched-based consulting, training and education systems strategically address the unique needs of each client using practical, comprehensive methods as well as providing the highest quality customer service.

To Accomplish this, Hubbard & Hubbard is organized into the following major business divisions:

  • Human Resources Development
  • Consulting Services
  • Hubbard Diversity Measurement & Productivity Institute
  • Hubbard Diversity ROI Institute 
  • Customized Instructional Design Services
  • Business Products & Publications
  • Management Research & Technologies
  • International Services