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Hubbard Mentoring ROI Analysis Service

Conduct an extensive ROI-based evaluation of the success and impact of your organization's Mentoring Program for High Potential Employees for Improved Retention.



Hubbard Mentoring ROI Analysis Service Benefits


This comprehensive analysis will give your high potential employees and others an opportunity to give and get feedback regarding the success of the organization's Mentoring program.

  • COACH / MENTOR EVALUATION - This portion of the assessment will rate the success of the program as seen by the Mentor and Mentee.
  • COACHING PROCESS EVALUATION - This portion of the assessment will rate the effectiveness of the Mentoring process used to facilitate conversations between the Mentor and Mentee.
  • LEARNING EFFECTIVENESS IMPACT - This portion of the assessment will rate how well the mentoring relationship has increased the Mentee's level of skill and knowledge
  • JOB IMPACT - This portion of the assessment will rate how well the mentoring relationship has helped the Mentee apply the skills learned back on the job.
  • BUSINESS RESULTS IMPACT - This portion of the assessment will rate how well the mentoring relationship has improved the Business Results of the organization.
  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT IMPACT - This portion of the assessment will rate how well the mentoring relationship has generated a dollar return on investment for the organization.
  • STRATEGIC SKILLS DEVELOPMENT IMPACT - This portion of the assessment will rate how well the mentoring relationship has helped the Mentee develop skills that are rooted in business strategy and political savvy.


This service includes a component that allows organizations to customize the Action Planning Recommendations with programs and development processes offered by the company's Training and Development organization, special rotational assignments, external development programs, etc. That is, your specific development programs are incorporated into the Analysis Recommendations and Plans.


This service includes access to the Hubbard Metriclink Tracking, Monitoring, and Benchmarking System for the Mentee to track their Action Plan progress and impact. This system is tied to key Mentoring and organizational performance outcome metrics.




This service provides each mentee with a Personal Assessment. All Mentees will receive the following assessments:

1. Leadership Dimensions Assessment
- Build new dimensions of leadership skills to increase performance Strengthen team processes and reduce conflict among team members Objectives: The Dimensions of Leadership Profile enables participants to: * Identify personal leadership characteristics * Define primary qualities needed by leaders * Discover the value of different approaches to leadership * Match leadership approaches to organizational needs.

2. Team Dimensions Profile - Capitalize on Individual Strengths for Total Team Performance. The Team Dimensions Profile helps teams in your organization: identify individual strengths and approaches to teamwork; clarify team members' roles; reinforce the contributions of every team member; reduce project cycle time, and increase productivity.

3. Work Expectation Profile - This self-assessment is designed to give you insight into and understanding of your work expectations and how to manage them. It helps you define, well-communicated expectations leading to better attitudes and greater job satisfaction than a person whose expectations go unrealized. This Assessment Explores 10 Key Expectations In most employment situation. Other expectations, however, are so intimately linked to an individual's concept of work that they often go unspoken or unacknowledged. The Work Expectations Profile will help you explore 10 work expectations that impact today's employment relationships and create a foundation for success. *Recognition *Autonomy *Expression *Career Growth *Diversity *Teamwork *Structure *Comfort *Balance *Stability

4. Diversity Champion Profile - This self-assessment is designed to help each mentee analyze their ability to perform the following Diversity Champion role behaviors. They include: Being a Role Model, Creating Structural Equality, Creating a Motivating Environment, Problem Solver.


Mentees will be given instruction to analyze and interpret their data in a "Self-Directed" Development Webinar which will cover each tool in detail describing:

  • Its purpose
  • How to analyze and interpret their feedback
  • Options to create Action Plans for Improvement
  • Methods to continue to measure progress


Comprehensive Diagnostic Report with Customized Organization Specific Recommendations

In addition to the Assessment results, each Mentee will receive a comprehensive 40+ page report detailing their Mentoring Analysis response results and specific organizational recommendations that are unique to action plan items available in your organization (such as specific training available, rotational assignments, contacts they should meet with, succession planning/promotion-readiness activities they should complete, etc).

Sample Uses:

  • High Potential Employee Retention/Development
  • BRG/ERG or Council Member Development
  • Succession Planning Support and Improvement


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